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Feb 2016
Feb 02 2016 09:24
Hi all .. and thanks for providing us with this analysis package. Yet, I have a problem trying to run the demo script. I get this error message from Matlab 2014b

No spatial downsampling is performed. Consider spatial downsampling if the field of view is very large.
No temporal downsampling is performed. Consider temporal downsampling if the recording is very long.
Initializing components with greedy method
found 10 out of 30 neurons..
found 20 out of 30 neurons..
found 30 out of 30 neurons..
Error using statset (line 97)
No default options available for the function 'nnmf'.

Error in nnmf (line 115)
defaultopt = statset('nnmf');

Error in greedyROI2d (line 154)
[bin,fin] = nnmf(max(res,0),nb);

Error in initialize_components (line 68)
[Ain, Cin, bin, fin] = greedyROI2d(Y_ds, K, options);

It seems that something is wrong with the greedyROI2d function. Do you think it could come from my Matlab installation ?
tThanks a lot !
eftychios pnevmatikakis
Feb 02 2016 14:11
@HoltmaatLab Hi! It appears that error occurs in nnmf.m which is part of the statistics and machine learning toolbox. Can you check whether you can run the nnmf command in your installation at all?