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Jun 2016
Jun 20 2016 07:23
@epnev got it! A couple more questions:
1/ How is the temporal data calculated over each neuron (rather than each pixel)? Is it a sum / mean of each constituent pixel's fluorescence over time? Or is it a weighted mean? (many of my components are donut shaped, ie. spikes occur along the rim, so a simple average would attenuate the df/f values.)
2/ How is the background estimated? Is this estimation subtracted from each component's temporal data?
eftychios pnevmatikakis
Jun 20 2016 15:01
@angusfong It is roughly a weighted mean with the values of the spatial components after all the other components and background have been removed. The background is computed as a low rank components on the residual image after all the neuron activity has been computed. Please see the paper for details.