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Jul 2016
Jul 19 2016 07:55
Hi @epnev ,
Hi @epnev
I just realized that my issue originated in the fact that your scripts assume uint16 format, yet my Scanimage data is saved in int16 format. I have previously adjusted your scripts so it can read the data in int16 format but what I should have done is convert it into uint16 after reading it with the appropriate level correction. Everything now works fine (after days of looking for the source of the problem), but as someone has already suggested above, it would be helpful if the the scripts can either accept int16 format or automatically adjust the levels and convert the data into uint16.
eftychios pnevmatikakis
Jul 19 2016 13:30
@agramer The scripts actually assume that the input is either with single or with double precision. If you look at line 12 of demo_script.m then the input is converted into single format (it used to be double) before anything else.