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Sep 2016
Sep 18 2016 11:35

@epnev First, thanks for developing this excellent software. I have only just started using it and have encountered a problem running your demo script demo_memmap.m. I receive the following error:

Combining results from different patches...Reference to non-existent field 'psdx'. Error in run_CNMF_patches (line 142) P.psdx = zeros(patches{end}(2),patches{end}(4),size(RESULTS(1).P.psdx,2));

The structure P does not seem to have a field psdx. This is also the case when I run demo_script.m. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your time.

eftychios pnevmatikakis
Sep 18 2016 22:23

@swift505 Thanks for pointing out this. No you're not doing anything wrong. I turned off by default the computation of P.psdx since this is not used in demo_script.m but I forgot to make the required changes for demo_memmap.m To turn on the computation of P.psdx you can set options.cluster_pixels = true before you run the function run_CNMF_patches.

This is a crude way to classify components for the case of patches where we have a lot of false positives, but it doesn't work very well. To see how it behaves you can go into run_CNMF_patches and uncomment line 235 and then comment out line 236. Otherwise, the computation of P.psdx will not an effect. I will automate this shortly.