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Oct 2016
Gilles Vanwalleghem
Oct 18 2016 02:16
Hi, so we have these movies with quite large background artefacts that we have issues filtering out. Are there any options we can change to try and improve the background substractions ?
eftychios pnevmatikakis
Oct 18 2016 03:27
@Yassum it's very hard to say without taking a look. Things that can help are i) increasing the number of background components ii) perform spatial/temporal downsampling that can sometimes average out artifacts iii) perform some type of preprocessing, e.g., some high pass filtering for drift removal
Gilles Vanwalleghem
Oct 18 2016 03:42
we basically have a square wave form superimposed to our signal due to a screen turning on to play a stimulus. I'll see about sending you a plot