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Jul 2017
Jul 12 2017 13:08
Hello, I have some questions on NormCorr motion correction package. My data sets are from many days. Within each days there is no motion. But between days there are motion. I'm thinking that concatenate a local correlation picture from each day to make a movie to feed into normcorre function with paramter bin_width=1. Then I should get a template for many days. Finally, I'd use this template to run normcorre function for each day's video. The thing is, I do not want to update template since I want to make all day's video corrected to the same position. Is there a way to set "no update" or something similar?
eftychios pnevmatikakis
Jul 12 2017 18:12
Hi @shijiegu You can turn off template updating by setting options.upd_template = 'false'. However, I'd recommend you register the means or medians of each dataset against each other, instead of the local correlations since the correlation image in a nonlinear transformation of your data. Alternatively, you can motion correct one dataset, get a template, then run it for all your datasets