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Feb 2018
Mao Yeh
Feb 07 01:02
Hi @epnev , thank you so much for your work. It works really well. Now, I can use it to do motion correction. This is a small thing. I found the output file from normcorre_bath function and apply_shift function are merging together. Would you please tell me how can I save them differently? Thanks a lot.
eftychios pnevmatikakis
Feb 07 01:10
@maoyeh Glad to hear that. You should probably change the name of the output file through options.h5_filename (or options.h5_tiffname if you use tiff files) so that the two names are not the same.
Feb 07 21:34

Hi @epnev, really fantastic package for Ca2+ imaging analysis. I just started working with your software this week and am running into issues working with any of the CalmAn-Matlab demos that employ patches. I'm not sure if I am just not setting the patch sizes properly or some other in correct setting. When I run the patching code I get thrown the following error (starts with):

"Error using kde (line 77)
First Input must be a real non-sparse numeric array.

Error in trace_fit_extreme (line 12)
[~,density,xmesh] = kde(C(i,:));

Error in classify_components (line 39)
max_pr = trace_fit_extreme(traces,fr,t_int,sn_fac);" (and continues on)

Any idea whats going on here? My data is (1024,1376,152)