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Apr 2018
Apr 13 2018 01:17
@epnev Thanks for reply :) !
  1. a loaded array. I changed the directory and filename at the top of the code ('foldername' and 'files' variants with .tif file)
  2. the value of options.noise_norm is logical 1
  3. I downloaded it march 17, 2018
    Would it be better if I mail you with my sample data? (I found your mail address on the paper. ( mail))
eftychios pnevmatikakis
Apr 13 2018 14:31
@sayoon I’m not able to reproduce your error. Here is what you can do to track it down: Change the parfor loop to for in line 105 of run_CNMF_patches and then introduce a break point in line 124 of ‘initialize_components’. This would enable you to stop the code before the greedyROI command is called. The error log states that greedyROI takes too many input arguments, more than 4 in this case. Is this something that happens in your code?