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Apr 2018
Apr 17 2018 14:16
@epnev , thank you so much for you quick response. I've tried the demo scripts and the pipeline, and even with our own files it seems to work. However, we use the run_pipeline script, which works, but we didn't change the frame rate, while ours is 1.43 Hz instead of 30 Hz. It looks like only the downsampling is using the frame rate, and deconvolution, which we can't use anyway. So my question is, should we change the frame rate in the run_pipeline scipt when not using deconvolution?
eftychios pnevmatikakis
Apr 17 2018 15:04
@margo-tje that’s nice to hear. When you’re are not doing deconvolution, the frame rate is only used to estimate the length of a typical transient using the product fr*decay_time where decay_time is the decay time of a typical transient. I suggest you set these two parameters such that their product matches what you see in your data on average.
Apr 17 2018 19:44
@epnev okay thank you, that is helpful.