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Oct 2016
Oct 25 2016 02:53
Hi so I am encountering this problem with redux-form and rect drag and drop. the suggested solution is to use a unique id for the key of the item
but when Iterate the field array I only get the index and name
Is there a way to get a unique id for the elements of the field array?
that doesn't change as you change the order of the elements
Michael Oakley
Oct 25 2016 21:01
@mikedevita I'm using <Field component={renderSelect}... to render my select menu. I assume <textarea> is no different.
Luís Rudge
Oct 25 2016 21:54
hi friends
const mapStateToProps = (s, p) => ({
  initialValues: p.profile //p.profile is populated

  form: 'editProfile',
  fields: ['name', 'email', 'phoneNumber']
any thoughts on why my fields are not being pre populated?
I have to use connect before reduxForm