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May 2017
Parminder Sanghera
May 23 2017 10:06
hello - For some reason 'touched' is not working. I have a similar situation to erikras/redux-form#2073, however the workaround suggested doesn't work either. Need help
Thomas B.
May 23 2017 10:11
Hello, I have an issue with redux form since yesterday. In fact I have my form which have some html input plus one component called Versions
<Fields names={['version1Name', 'version2Name']} component={Versions} versions={versions}/>
and Versions is composed of 2 selects
The issue comes from asynchronous I think because my options are loaded by an action dispatched
and for no reason redux form when options changes launches either redux-form/UNREGISTRED_FIELDS (if destroyOnUnmount to false) or redux-form/DESTROY (if not)
Do I have a way to handle this ?