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Repo info
    I have Vagrant installed but I am unable to login with the http:\localhost5000
    Lander Usategui San Juan
    Hi @kwintessential2
    please, share your doubts/problems related with Erle products in our forum: forum.erlerobotics.com
    Ok let me do a search
    Paul Vazquez
    Is it possible to install Dronekit http://python.dronekit.io/about/overview.html in the PXFMini ? I am planning to build an autonomous drone with a picamera to perform object recognition and I want the drone to be able to move accordingly to the object, I want to use the PXFMini and a Pi zero , but I am not sure if it is possible to use DroneKit Python with the PXFMini, thanks!
    Lander Usategui San Juan
    Hi @paulvazbad , we usually answer the technical questions over our forum: forum.erlerobotics.com
    the short answer is yes.
    you can install dronekit if you need it
    but, we don't offer support for that.
    Lily Jackson
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