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May 2015
May 10 2015 01:53
not really sure what you are asking?
are you saying that digitalWrite for a pin is not working?
a pin that has pinMode set as OUTPUT?
Spencer Graff
May 10 2015 02:52
It's going to the wrong ESP8266 GPIO. I think it has worked on an older version. I have the board set to generic esp8266
Spencer Graff
May 10 2015 03:54
Never mind. I just found out ESP-12's are almost always labelled with GPIO4 and GPIO5 switched. And I actually verified that when I make GPIO5 cycle on/off, it makes the pin labelled "GPIO4" cycle on/off, and vice versa. Thanks.
May 10 2015 04:19
I found this, goes along with what s-graff was saying. Kind of really annoying for a newbie.