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Jul 2015
Anwar Hahj Jefferson-George
Jul 10 2015 03:36
Hi. In my sketches I can setDebugOutput to true and use the serial output to see things like the stack when errors occur, but how do I figure out what the hexidecimal stack output actually means in terms of what's wrong with my methods. I can do line-by-line commenting and narrow down problematic code to eliminate errors temporarily, but this takes too long.
Is there a resource I can consult for this, I am a bit lost.
Anwar Hahj Jefferson-George
Jul 10 2015 04:31
i am a so stupid
Ivan Grokhotkov
Jul 10 2015 06:28
This output is the stack from top (low memory addresses) to bottom (high memory addresses)
from stack, you can find out the call chain (which methods were called) and sometimes call arguments or local variables as well
inspecting the stack usually requires you to have disassembled code at hand. it may be obtained by simply running xtensa-lx106-elf-objdump -S yourSketch.elf
more advanced disassemblers will do better job than objdump at producing readable disassembly. you will
Ivan Grokhotkov
Jul 10 2015 06:33
you will certainly find lots of tutorials on disassembling on the web
Burk Murray
Jul 10 2015 16:30
@rahul2704 The Blynk app requires a Blynk server. The instructable you linked to uses a browser on
a mobile phone to view a server running on the ESP. You can do that today with the WebServer example code, but you'll need to roll your own HTML:
Michael Miller
Jul 10 2015 17:38
@igrr I just picked up the latest staging and its version number is lower than the one I had before. This morning it downloaded version 804, but two weeks ago it downloaded 835. Was the version numbering changed? Reverted code/version due to other issues?
Jul 10 2015 17:42
igrr, would you be willing to consider nightly builds for the really brave? Maybe with a big fat warning?
Anwar Hahj Jefferson-George
Jul 10 2015 18:27
@irgg thanks, i was heretofore unfamiliar with code disassembling, so that helps a lot
Me No Dev
Jul 10 2015 22:35
@probonopd I could not get your Hue example to work :(
my mac did not see the ESP