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Jul 2015
Jul 27 2015 07:07
do you guys know - "Gdbstub is a piece of code that is present on a target system and is able to
communicate with gdb running on a development system and execute commands on
its behalf. This allows to use all features of gdb with very resource-limited
target systems"
Jul 27 2015 15:19
@d-anders the web sockets have a transmission time from ~12ms, and a overhead of 3 to 9 byte peer message. so its close to RAW tcp where you need to create you own message frame.
@probonopd the http header handling is to many overhead for you application.
Jul 27 2015 15:24


thanks to the gdb stub from the guys at Cesanta, i can now halt the ESP on exception, attach the debugger and inspect memory and stack :) extremely helpful.
too bad their code is GPLv2, so i can only use it locally...

Jul 27 2015 16:47
Jul 27 2015 23:11
@sticilface you write on cyborg5/IRLib#9 that you have IRLib working on the esp8266 - do you have it fully functional?
do you plan to upload it?
i'd also be interested in your universal remote driven by mqtt
ah, just saw you are using an AVR too. I'd be looking for a pure esp solution
Jul 27 2015 23:23
@probonopd its funny you just wrote that. I had half a msg written to you, and got distracted. Yes, I only have his lib working on a promini, I'm using the MQTT ESP software from tuan I can give you the sketch if you want? but no it is not all running on the ESP.
trying to use the telnet monitor function, and it is asking for board password? any ideas?