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Aug 2015
Harrison Mclean
Aug 06 2015 01:06
Deep Sleep can theoretically achieve 12uA, with a decent battery you're looking at a few years of battery life before a recharge or replacement is necessary.
dasari murali kristna babu
Aug 06 2015 05:40
Hi I have installed the nightly unable to remove compilation error for building file with #include <ESP8266WiFi.h> giving compilation error how can we get arduino eclipse to find esp8266 header files
Kiril Zyapkov
Aug 06 2015 10:28
I used to know this, but didn't put it down: how can one check the sizes of sections in elf? I'm curious to know how much iram I have left ...
Aug 06 2015 12:07
@blessmurk same problem here...
OUPSSS ! you have to re-select « GENERIC ESP8266 MODULE » in tools menu….
Ivan Grokhotkov
Aug 06 2015 13:15
@kzyapkov smth like this should work:
with an exception that you need to do it for iram segment
Kiril Zyapkov
Aug 06 2015 13:33
@igrr thanks!
Aug 06 2015 20:17
anyone using esp-13?