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Aug 2015
Anwar Hahj Jefferson-George
Aug 22 2015 12:14
@prussiap Hi. There are a few things you may ask yourself about a given library:
  1. Required pin hardware: Can ESP accommodate the pin ins/outs needed without conflicts?
  2. Header file definitions: Does the library use AVR registers or other settings that might have to be redefined for ESP?
  3. Data types: Does the library use data types that might cause errors on ESP (such as using multiple overloaded function calls for int/int32_t, which are equivalent on the ESP)?
@prussiap The existence of such issues may not necessarily mean you can't use the library, but you may have to make a fork and modify it for your application. Ultimately, the quickest way to find out may be to simply try running one of the example sketches that comes with the library on your ESP. A lot of libraries seem to work interchangeably, but the questions I mentioned above were just some of the conflicts I have encountered. Other people on here probably have additional or better advice :D
Anwar Hahj Jefferson-George
Aug 22 2015 12:25
@prussiap Also, I have had some luck modifying libraries by adding basic preprocessor directives like #ifndef ESP8266 ...#endif around code sections that I wanted to disable when running the library on ESP. By the application of this method may the library remain functional for other boards.
Aug 22 2015 17:44
Does anyone have any reference for the ESP8266's SSDP library?