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Sep 2015
Stoian Ivanov
Sep 02 2015 07:34
Hi all, how do I run post build tests?
Ivan Grokhotkov
Sep 02 2015 08:22
cd arduino
source hardware/esp8266com/esp8266/tests/
build_sketches build/<your_platform>/work/<arduino_executable> $PWD/hardware/esp8266com/esp8266
this will build every sketch under $PWD/hardware/esp8266com/esp8266
note that the path has to be absolute, otherwise IDE will complain.
if you are building on a headless Linux system, take a look at travis.yml for further hints
Stoian Ivanov
Sep 02 2015 11:22
10x :)
Stoian Ivanov
Sep 02 2015 13:03
I'm considering implementing software flow control in HardwareSerial. Any thoughts?
the main problem is flushing the hardware fifo
or disabling the sending
Sep 02 2015 20:11
does calling servestatic make an entire fs dir available through a "virtual dir" automatically?
Sep 02 2015 20:18
a quick look at the code indicates that it does this, but is there some doc?
Russ Mathis
Sep 02 2015 21:49
@Anybody, does anyone know why Serial.print does not always come on the monitor when it follows a SPIFFS.remove call?
Using the latest staging version...