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Sep 2015
Sep 08 2015 18:21
HI guys. Can anyone tell me what are the correct params (flash mode, frequency, size, ...) for the ESP-201 module? Or what can I do to figure it out with the AT commands?
Sep 08 2015 19:23
dio,169mhz,512MB should be ok I guess
probably doesnt have larger flash
160mhz i mean
are you getting some error message?
Sep 08 2015 21:04
No, I haven't tried, figured it will be better to ask before just in case some missparameter can cause some kind of brick
for what I read here the interface seems to be QIO
and if I boot with the console set to 76800bps it says flas is 8m (512K+512K)
will try and try to submit the correct params when I confirm then