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Sep 2015
Ivan Grokhotkov
Sep 14 2015 08:38
WiFiClientSecure is now more or less a drop-in replacement for WiFiClient. methods like read and available behave in a sane manner. waiting for available() to grow above some arbitrary threshold might not always work, so it's better to read out all the data as it becomes available.
Sep 14 2015 09:18
great work @igrr!
Harrison Mclean
Sep 14 2015 10:44

When people are discussing issues with the arduino console and say that the module "stops", do you mean it resets itself? I always thought that was normal, and kind of useful when you may want to catch serial output asap if you're debugging.

Unless you're saying that it just resets and stays in the reset state e.g the line isn't being allowed to float back to 3.3v via R4?

Michael Miller
Sep 14 2015 16:24
@igrr does wifi secure support udp packets also?
Ivan Grokhotkov
Sep 14 2015 17:23
only TLS at the moment. i don't think axTLS supports DTLS
Michael Miller
Sep 14 2015 18:10
Ah, ok, you decided to continue with that.