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Sep 2015
Matt Kocaj
Sep 18 2015 00:44
Angus Gratton
Sep 18 2015 07:25
fyi, after our discussion on pooling efforts on axtls support for arduino & esp8266 I found out mbedtls has been relicensed
igrr: oops, meant to highlight you :)
so we're going to go with it I think
we can use it basically unchanged in esp-open-rtos, just needed to finish the patches to store .rodata in flash
the network code is well abstracted (better than axtls) though so you may be able to use it in arduino as well, idk
Steve Nelson
Sep 18 2015 22:00
i’m getting some inconsistent results with a new 1.0 nodemcu board on a mac. It appears to write to the device fine, but it’s no longer displaying anything in the serial monitor.
it was displaying it at one point, has anyone experienced that?
the serial monitor just displays:
l 0
chksum 0x42
csum 0x42