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Sep 2015
Sep 19 2015 08:56
Hi, Witch driver do you use for the nodemcu board on mac?
Sep 19 2015 09:28

Hi all, I've got some weirdness going on with a sketch I've got round to putting on github. I've been working on this for ages on my mac and it compiles fine. the problem is that is doesn't compile under windows IDE, It never even gets to the compile part, stopping at around 20% with lots of java errors. see sticilface/ESP8266-wifi#1.

Its rather a mess of a sketch with lots going on... from reading around, people have had the same issues with putting strings in flash? is this the only known way to get this? should it do this on windows and not mac?

Sep 19 2015 16:23
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Sep 19 2015 16:52
Can anyone else confirm that having more than one Arduino IDE open on the same LAN causes ESPs with the OTA enabled to reboot every 5min. I have 5 of them, rock solid, been running the same sketch for a while now.. all of a sudden they started rebooting every 5min... the cause having another arduino IDE open in a VM, on another machine. I shut it down, and they are back to being very stable..
ok maybe it is not that... ugh!
they just restarted... two of them at exactly the same time! wierd
Sep 19 2015 17:07
got a stack dump, and it is UDP related
epc1=0x402055ff epc2=0x00000000 epc3=0x00000000 excvaddr=0x00000008 depc=0x00000000
        size_t cur_size = _tx_buf_head->tot_len;
402055fd:    7c28          l32i.n    a2, a12, 28
402055ff:    0412d2            l16ui    a13, a2, 8
        if (size < cur_size)
40205602:    d735d7            bltu    a5, a13, 402055dd <_ZN10UdpContext6appendEPKcj+0x21>