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Oct 2015
Steve Nelson
Oct 04 2015 15:44
Is it necessary to have: while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) {
delay(500); } after you do a WiFi.begin()?
it blocks other code from running while it is attempting to connect. I’ve tried writing a script without it, but never seems to connect without the delay(). i’ll see if I can consolodate the code so i can paste it.
Steve Nelson
Oct 04 2015 15:58
ooh! must have a been a bug in my code. when i rewrote it, it works. ha classic.
Oct 04 2015 17:54
Dear friends! Who may implement this libraries (Telegram bot)? - :smile: - the author this labrary is answer me -
But in this library author use SSL connection trouth PROXYSSL...
Steve Nelson
Oct 04 2015 19:07
here’s an example of wifi connect without using the delay() function.
(answering my own question from this morning :-)