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Oct 2015
Harrison Mclean
Oct 30 2015 01:37

I got ported and it works great, you can connect an LED dot matrix display to the ESP8266 and make it draw simple graphics and messages, some level of PWM dimming is available (although I'm still having some brightness stability issues, need to get my scope and see what's happening I think.), I am now moving on to Time related code.

I'm now eyeing and as next targets for porting (if anything even needs to be changed for them to work, probably just some #ifdefs to smooth out the differences)

Is porting these libraries a good idea? Does anybody want them? Are there better candidates? I ask before I put any potentially unnecessary effort into it or simply choose a poor library for porting.

Oct 30 2015 02:18
"....using multiple URLs in the boards manager, separated with commas" : how can I select which one is used for compiling? For example:
Oct 30 2015 03:04
you need to choose one - the multiple URLs in the boards manager are for different targets not same target
Oct 30 2015 06:53
@kireevco which build script you used? and which source you used for successful building
@kireevco May i know the buiding environment also and set up details
Dmitry Kireev
Oct 30 2015 08:52
@kathir1951 I’m preparing full environment config here
not final yet. still testing full setup
the idea is full bootstrap
later I will add espressif stuff there, i’d like to make a clean open UDK alternative, so everyone can build it on any platform (mac,linux,win)
Oct 30 2015 11:56
@kireevco Thanks nice work
Dmitry Kireev
Oct 30 2015 17:05
@kathir1951 this is not ready yet, just showing you where work takes place
Oct 30 2015 17:11
@luc-github: thanks! That explains a lot. Only thought, i could make a sort of collection, and then choose the required release.
Steve Nelson
Oct 30 2015 20:38
Has anyone experienced an FTDI disappear from the list of available ports on a Mac? This happened to me a while ago and I had to reinstall the drivers and it worked again. But I’m not sure what caused it.
Oct 30 2015 20:55
@kireevco gr8 Good Start so I said nice work