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Oct 2015
Michael Miller
Oct 31 2015 01:12
@h4rm0n1c check my github, i have a few rtc libraries thet i confirmed work back in early summer that work for esp and avr.
Oct 31 2015 02:36
@igrr Using git version building esp8266 core gives error while using python get_py "File "", line102,in<module> print<'Platform: ,0> ' .format<identify_platform<>>> File "" line 99, identify platform return arduino_platform_name[platform.system<>l[bits] KeyError: 'CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW i AM USING WINDOW 7 and cygwin
Oct 31 2015 02:43
@igrr Using git Using git version building esp8266 core gives error for compiling its own wifi library
Oct 31 2015 02:51
@igrr I find by viewing patform text there is no xtensa-lx106-elf compiler and esp tool in the runtime.platform.path}/tools path
Oct 31 2015 03:32
@igrr Sorry problem in python installation Now everything ok Sprry for wrong message
Oct 31 2015 03:37
@igrr esp8266 gore from git version works nicely /It takes lesser time to install compare to the time takem from board manager
Oct 31 2015 07:13
@zenmanenergy on el capitan release a new policy of only signed drivers was enforced , and some other system integrity stuff as well, which lead to a few drivers gettign disabled and not even working at all after, like for the ch340/341 based serial drivers. maybe you had an older unsigned driver and when you got the update ftdi one it worked...assuming that s the reason of course
Dmitry Kireev
Oct 31 2015 09:22
@kathir1951 ok, making one more clean test to build sdk on windows/mingw
(rollback vm, etc…)
Oct 31 2015 10:08 runs fine native in Windows with python 2.7 :)
Harrison Mclean
Oct 31 2015 13:21
@Makuna Thanks!
Steve Nelson
Oct 31 2015 13:41
@tzapu I tried a reboot, giving me flashbacks to days on a Windows machine…sadly…it fixed it. I’ll see if I can figure out the command to list of the unsigned driver, to see if the ftdi is listed there, unless you happen to know the command.
Me No Dev
Oct 31 2015 16:20
@zenmanenergy use the Console in Utilities :) error is visible there
Steve Nelson
Oct 31 2015 16:49
@me-no-dev sweet, thanks.