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Mar 2016
Aditya Tannu
Mar 06 2016 02:56
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Victor Tseng
Mar 06 2016 15:54
weird, wifi ap suddently dont work...
works for like 3 sec after boot, then cant find it anymore.
lots of chg_A3:0 chgA3:-180 on serial.
Aaron N.
Mar 06 2016 20:51
@Makuna , @Palatis & @martinayotte thanks for the input, I will leave the char array declaration as is, I just thought it looked a bit hacky, but as it works it wont change.
@Makuna , is it possible to change the task time in your library during runtime? i'm using MQTT to try and change the freq. of a function call.
Martin Ayotte
Mar 06 2016 21:59
@porkyneal , you're welcome. But don't forget to always count the space needed with the null character ;-)
Aaron N.
Mar 06 2016 22:00
Yes, the declaration of 50 is well over what is likely to ever be placed in there, so shouldn't be a problem, cheers though.
Victor Tseng
Mar 06 2016 22:06
i think char blah[] = "longest possible string”; was a good idea...
but its a auto var it suffers init panelty, the compiler always has to init the string with a unused initial value.