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Mar 2016
Mar 19 2016 10:19
@skorokithakis I'm very interested in this home automation thing uve developed. Especially the ir blaster part. From looking at you Python script does that handle everything from Analysis of ir pattern to produce the send sequence? Have u found it to work with everything? Even obscure protocols. For example I was using the arduino irlib from cyborg but it doesn't do the new Panasonic. Although someone made a new pull request for that.
Would be good to use the esp directly though.
Stavros Korokithakis
Mar 19 2016 10:24
Yeah, I record the signals with a logic analyzer and the protocol can play them back
Should handle anything
Mar 19 2016 11:01
ah... that is a bit tricky to port..
i do have a logic analyser... but it is just a bitscope.. and a royal pain to do much with..
any way of getting these timings from say the ir decoder on the pi.. like lirc?
Aditya Tannu
Mar 19 2016 14:55
@Links2004 finally got my ILI9341 display, was gonna try your VNC lib, do you have connections specified somewhere?
Mar 19 2016 15:01
yes in the example files on the top is the pin map
Aditya Tannu
Mar 19 2016 19:29
Thanks, I knew I had seen it somewhere, should've looked harder.