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Mar 2016
Harrison Mclean
Mar 27 2016 02:11
Just to clarify, whilst being a harsh critic of bugs and abberant GCC errors, PlatformIO is still very good.
Mario Mikočević
Mar 27 2016 04:25
darn, RC talk here and I missed it ..
<-- lotsa planes, 2 quads, traxxas e-maxx, nothing over 3S ..
Michael Miller
Mar 27 2016 08:09
What was the git command to compress the all the local changes into one when making a pull?
Mar 27 2016 10:09
Did anyone try smartConfig with espy ouch?
it seem that
it seem that esptouch can change the wifi config of the esp that running smart config without a authority.
Victor Tseng
Mar 27 2016 11:07
i studied a bit with that, but stopped when i see the readme in example says "use wechat to scan the qrcode" blah blah
errg it doesnt replace the text this time
ohh it did.
Mar 27 2016 12:53

Hi Guys, I desperately need some help!!!
I have tried a few esp-03 and esp-12E modules and whilst I can flash them OK, the program flashed in just doesn't run. I have been playing with esp for a while now and have not seen this problem before. On every occasion the flashing appears to work OK and doesn't return any error message. In order to have a controlled check of the problem I used a premade board with GPIO15 pulled down, GPIO0 pulled down to flash then released, GPIO2 high.
If I use coolterm set with a baudrate of 74880 it displays the boot up information giving mode 1.6 for flash mode, I would expect mode 1.7. If I press the rest button I get 3.6 whereas I thought it should be mode 3.7.
In the Arduino IDE I have set QIO, 4Mbyte 1M SPIFFS, 115200 baud. As noted the flashing process appears to work ok.
With the esp in normal mode, if I cycle the power and look at the serial output at 74880 baud I see about 6 lines of text referring the chksums which seem to match, the last line being ld~.
If I change the baud to 115200 I do not see any of the serial output from the program.

I have tried two different PC's, one running Windows 7 64 and the other one running Windows 10. Both machines have clean versions of the Arduino IDE installed.
I am using Arduino IDE 1.5.5 r5. Board manager is v1.6.8. esp8266/Arduino is version 2.1.
I have tried two different USB dongles one FTDI232, the other a CH340G both on different USB ports and different COM ports.
I have tried various programs form the ESP examples and of my own.
I am now completely stuck can you offer any sugestions please? I am desperate to move my projects on.

Michael Miller
Mar 27 2016 16:41
I didn't know the board manager had a separate version? Where do you get this? Have you tried upgrading your Arduino IDE, they have had some weird bugs in the last six months with board and library install, uninstall. The latest is 1.6.8.
You could also try the nuclear option, uninstall Arduino IDE, delete the folder (C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Local\Arduino15) which removes the old esp8266/Arduino and IDE tools. Then reinstall latest.
Aditya Tannu
Mar 27 2016 17:47
Can both serial ports be used together?
one for serial monitor debug output and one for interfacing an RS-485 peripheral
Mar 27 2016 19:43
Thanks for the reply, under board manager there is an entry Arduino AVR boards, the latest version is 1.6.10 this installs with IDE 1.6.8 but apparently for versions of IDE before 1.6.8 i.e. 16.5r5 Arduino AVR boards version 1.6.8 should be used. Confusing isn't it!
I did try and install the latest 1.6.8 IDE but it produced a great long list of incompatible libraries despite the fact all those libraries worked with 1.6.5r5 which I also believe was the last stable version with both 1.6.6 and 1.6.7 having problems.
Version 1.6.8 then offered upgrades to some of the libraries, so I upgraded the libraries but then I had problems compiling my code.
It seems to me that the IDE is compiling code that is incompatible with the esp SDK because it does not appear to load any executable code. It seems it boots to the user code area but does not run anything there.
I really hope someone can come up with a solution.
@Makuna I had also done what you suggested and deleted the Arduino15 folders in both the local and roaming directories. Then I reinstalled 16.5r5 because the last time I successfully loaded code to an esp that was what I was using.
Michael Miller
Mar 27 2016 19:58
@bobcroft note that when libraries update, sometimes the author may have modified the API, and thus they may cause compile errors. Generally this is rare though, but often you get all the bug fixes with the hassle.
One thing to watch out for is things you have installed outside the IDE that are dev related. I had problems once with installing another projects build system (which changed the global paths), so when Arduino ran it found those bins as some had common names.
To figure it out some, in the IDE, goto preferences and turn on verbose, then when you get errors, look at the paths and see if everything being used is in reasonable locations.
Michael Miller
Mar 27 2016 21:18

Just a heads up: A new version will be made available soon to improve HslColor and HsbColor blending. Due to their inherent circular nature of the Hue component, it is important to control how the direction of the blending.

    template <typename T_NEOHUEBLEND> static HslColor LinearBlend(const HslColor& left,
        const HslColor& right,
        float progress)

Four method classes are being exposed...


And these get used with the HslColor::LinearBlend and HsbColor::LinearBlend like....

HslResult result = HslColor::LinearBlend<NeoHueBlendShortestDistance>(left, right, progress);
Mar 27 2016 22:30
@Makuna Thanks for your input. In order to try and load some runnable code to the esp I have picked an example from the esp8266 'examples' folder which comes as part of the esp8266Arduino install, thus no external libraries are used. Those examples are flashed to the esp with no error output. The example code does not run on the esp and it produces no programmed serial output at 74880 or 115200. I have not modified the API to my knowledge and no external libraries were used. I have also tried to download the time example IGRR has under tests, again it download's serially with no problems but there is no output from the esp. At 74880 baud only the boot up information is shown, the User code never runs despite the boot text showing that the esp is in run 'flash mode' 3,6 or 3,7.
I don't think the external libraries are the problem.
I'll install 1.6.8 from the zip(non admin) and temporarily remove all 'contributed' libraries and see what happens. I am also going to look at reflashing the SDK.