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Apr 2016
Apr 06 2016 05:27
@Makuna same here...ha
Apr 06 2016 08:26
I have an arduino ide question. I'd like to add a build script that converts some SPIFFS files into "production" mode. Unfortunately, arduino ide seems to insist on compiling everything in the project folder- include build script, node_npm folder etc. Can I force arduino to ignore files and folders in the build process?
Aditya Tannu
Apr 06 2016 13:01
Another general Arduino IDE question: When I install an Arduino core from Baords Manager, on OS X, what folder does it get installed to?
Ivan Grokhotkov
Apr 06 2016 13:19
Aditya Tannu
Apr 06 2016 13:43
@igrr aha, thanks, was trying to figure out how to override boards manager installed core (arduino-nRF5) with latest git core.
seems like, <sketchbook>/hardware does take priority over installed one though
Stavros Korokithakis
Apr 06 2016 22:03
hey guys, i got into a bootloop/crash loop
would that be because i inadvertently applied 5v to the esp earlier? :(
Angus Gratton
Apr 06 2016 22:09
skorokithakis: possibly, but FWIW I've applied 5V to ESPs a few times without incident
Stavros Korokithakis
Apr 06 2016 22:09
hmm, yeah, i thought so too, but this is odd
Stavros Korokithakis
Apr 06 2016 22:16
nah, i keep getting watchdog reset
i can flash it fine, it just won't run for some reason
i keep getting a long memory dump, does anyone know what that's about?