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Apr 2016
Victor Tseng
Apr 11 2016 01:55
@crushedice2000 it's super easy to adapt to the async webserver
@crushedice2000 just connect the pages the old way, and use the request variable to replace the server variable.
Apr 11 2016 08:54
somebody using this ?
Helio Machado
Apr 11 2016 10:12
@ystrem: Never seen that, however, thanks for the info. Maybe someone here uses that. You can ping them with @/all is like a special command.
Helio Machado
Apr 11 2016 12:37
Are there any plans of doing an asyncFTPServer? :smile:
Keith Andrew Hill
Apr 11 2016 18:36
FTP? Eww.
Apr 11 2016 18:50
Got anyone this to work with an LPD8806 mine is not working at all...
Using an external power source attached to the LED Stripe on common ground.
Aditya Tannu
Apr 11 2016 20:23
@FWeinb why not WS2812 or SK2812?
LPD8806 is weird, addressable LEDs + PWM control?
Apr 11 2016 20:26
I have some LPD8806 here. I build some Ambilight on an RPi with these and they work flawless.