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Apr 2016
Raph Hennessy
Apr 13 2016 08:42
My USb-Serial adaptor just arrived, but my ESP boards are still in the post - what can i do with the usb-serail programmer before the board arrives?
Apr 13 2016 08:44
actually ftp is really damn usefull for getting a lot of files onto and off of SPIFFS
even from sd
so naysayers be gone :P
Keith Andrew Hill
Apr 13 2016 13:58
You could use a plethora of better suited protocols for micro controllers.
Apr 13 2016 14:15
@vic10us Any examples?
Keith Andrew Hill
Apr 13 2016 14:18
TFTP (super lightweight), MQTT (small payloads), HTTP (bloated but widely supported)
Victor Tseng
Apr 13 2016 14:28
can I ask something related to PlatformIO....?
looks like it copies files from somewhere to .pioenvs/ folder under the project directory, but... where does it copy those files from?
Apr 13 2016 14:30
@Palatis I have the same problem with you
I don't known the process of how compile the source code
Victor Tseng
Apr 13 2016 14:31
there's lib_dir in platformio.ini, but can't find one for for hardware variants...
@lishidetiankong i dun really care how it compiles and generates the executable as long as it works XD
@lishidetiankong need a exception decoder badly, anyway.
Ivan Grokhotkov
Apr 13 2016 14:50
@Palatis like, um, gdb? :)
Victor Tseng
Apr 13 2016 14:51
@igrr well gdb'd be good... but i always get exceptions inside the closed source part.
Ivan Grokhotkov
Apr 13 2016 14:53
too bad... Still, check GDBStub library for gdb instructions if you haven't already
Victor Tseng
Apr 13 2016 15:10
the folder it copies file from is more a prob
i wanna use the git version of esp8266-arduino
Victor Tseng
Apr 13 2016 15:17
now i just searching under ~/.atom......
but found nada
looks like automatically runs install for missing board files
but where does it put them?
gj... found it......
Is used to store platform toolchains, frameworks, external libraries, service data and etc.

A default value is User’s home directory:

Unix ~/.platformio
Windows %HOMEPATH%\.platformio
This option can be overridden by global environment variable PLATFORMIO_HOME_DIR.
not under ~/.atom...
no wonder it's not there...
cuz its just not there.......
Rodolfo del Valle
Apr 13 2016 15:58
Hello People! I'm working in an IoT platform & SDK with a friend and we want to hear some feedback from you guys. Is anyone interested on checking this?
Endre Karlson
Apr 13 2016 16:08
@rdelvalle sure :)
Rodolfo del Valle
Apr 13 2016 16:10
You can find a full explanation of the project here:
If you reply there would be great to get some traction :D
Apr 13 2016 18:15
@vic10us mqtt is not suitable really for uploading/downloading files, nor did i see any apps that streamline the procedure on the desktop (i did not properly look, so if you know of any, i would be glad to give it try). http is not much better, downloading multiple files is that even possible? making an archive on the esp is a non starter… i will look into tftp, thank you
@rdelvalle it needs more screenshots :p
and more info
you ve got stuff related to how to connect, how to add a sensor, etc, but i can t see the end result anywhere, where does the data go to die?
so to speak
Apr 13 2016 18:21
also, since this seems targeted to begginers, i think you need some examples on how to electrically connect the sd18b20 for instance
sorry, that s there
but it could do with some more explanations, what pin it uses, why, what that big nodemcu on the bread board is, value of resistor
Rodolfo del Valle
Apr 13 2016 19:50
@tzapu Thanks for the feedback Alex! What a surprise you are also here =p Just saw your twit ;) Will write you between tonight and tomorrow
Apr 13 2016 19:54
@rdelvalle no worries, but it may take me a bit to answer… i do try and be/answer all over , here, git issues, twitter, blynk, etc :P
Victor Tseng
Apr 13 2016 19:55
dunno, i kinda wanna hack GMS so i can send/receive directly on the ESP...
maybe port the codes from uG
gotta find a way to work around the ssl problem on esp first.