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Apr 2016
Lars Englund
Apr 21 2016 07:37
@tzapu reviews of some cheap power supplies can be found here
Apr 21 2016 08:45
wow @larsenglund thank you very much
Holger Lembke
Apr 21 2016 15:29
tach auch.
Is there something to generate a stable 32k frequenz? ticker-lib does not give more than ms... and digging in the source lead to not much... any idea?
Me No Dev
Apr 21 2016 17:30
have you tried the other timer?
what is the duty cycle that you want to acheave
Holger Lembke
Apr 21 2016 19:49
50% is ok
Apr 21 2016 20:01
I have tried to upload a image(2MB) to twitter, it takes 260 sec(timeout is 270sec) with client.write(buff, size).
Helio Machado
Apr 21 2016 20:48
Apr 21 2016 21:41
Hi, I'm trying to use WiFi.disconnect() to clear previously stored WiFi connection parameters, but the ESP crashes when I call this method, any idea why this happens?