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Apr 2016
Stavros Korokithakis
Apr 26 2016 00:02
@tzapu I'm a bit hazy as to what the wifimanager does, i thought it was some sort of web AP but that doesn't appear to be the case
Martin Ayotte
Apr 26 2016 02:00
For those who wish Internet Radio using ESP-VS1053 :
Michael Miller
Apr 26 2016 04:49
@martinayotte That would imply they are accessing the buffer as a 32bit type wouldn't it? Maybe the buffer should be declared as uint32_t [8]?
Martin Ayotte
Apr 26 2016 12:06
@Makuna , Unfortunately, the Radio code handles uint8_t, not uint32_t. It is the SPI.writesBytes() that requires alignment enforcement.