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May 2016
Martin Ayotte
May 04 2016 01:28
@igrr , are your "food habits" start to meld with your new environment ? :-)
Ivan Grokhotkov
May 04 2016 02:41
@baruch Yes, that's my plan. It won't happen immediately, but SDK will be getting more open and more modular
@AdySan I'll poke around and will get back to you
Aditya Tannu
May 04 2016 02:42
@igrr thanks, asking for someone with an MFi license
Baruch Even
May 04 2016 05:00
@igrr, cool! Looking forward to it
@igrr, another request, please make them move from the non-standard speed at boot to something saner, 115200 would be really nice.
Ivan Grokhotkov
May 04 2016 05:55
The speed at boot is actually 115200, but it assumes that the crystal is 40MHz. Most manufacturers put a 26MHz crystal on the board.
Angus Gratton
May 04 2016 05:56
... including Espressif ;)
Ivan Grokhotkov
May 04 2016 05:56
There are some reasons for that, but let's not get into that :)
Angus Gratton
May 04 2016 05:57
i would love to know what they are, but fair enough :)
May 04 2016 12:33
congrats igrr :D
May 04 2016 16:59
Congratulations @igrr!
Have something new and cool to develop like ESP64 or whatever successor of ESP32 will be :smile: