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May 2016
Juan Suarez
May 30 2016 09:57
Hey Guys, a stupid question
How can I create my own Apple TV?
I'd like to create a device with my own channels and contents
Is it possible?
Using odroid-c2?
May 30 2016 12:02
Hey guys, Can you please tell me which ModbusMaster library supports ESP8266.
I have used and during compilation it says "This library only supports boards with an AVR or SAM processor. Please open an issue at and indicate which processor/platform you're using.""
May 30 2016 12:51
Oh sorry didn't noticed, I'm using in slave mode, sorry
@FWeinb great test, do you plan to release full source code of the demo ?
May 30 2016 17:13
@hallard Yeah, I will release the code. This is all done for the 3.0.0 rewrite of
Germán Martín
May 30 2016 21:41
@chaeplin Seems great. I will test it!
Germán Martín
May 30 2016 21:46

Hi, I'm programming a Firmata client for ESP8266, so that we can use Arduino analog and digital IO to extend ESP's capabilities. Currently I'm using RS232, but I would like to connect an ESP as Firmata Master to an Arduino via WiFi with the help of a second ESP.
It would me like ESP (Firmata master) ------ WiFi ------> ESP (AT) ---- RS232 -----> Arduino (Firmata slave).

My question is, is there any library to connect Arduino to WiFi with the help of an AT firmware ESP8266 that exposes an Stream object to stream data? If it is so, I can modify Standard Firmata example to use ESP's WiFi link easily.