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Jun 2016
Jun 01 2016 19:11
Hi All. My first post on Gitter! I am experimenting with a Wemos D1 Mini (=ESP-12F). I am interested in startup time from deep sleep. With WAKE_RF_DEFAULT, there seems to be a delay of ~300ms before setup() is executed. I understand that during this time, the ESP re-establishes contact with the WiFi router. With WAKE_RF_DISABLED, this delay seems to be reduced to ~150ms. Are there any ways to reduce this significantly further? I am hoping this can be reduced to a few ms (ideally <=1ms). I am designing a low-power sensor to run for long periods on batteries. I believe I can get the sensors to wake the ESP from deep sleep by pulling RST low. Then I want the ESP to execute a small piece of code to record the event in RTC memory and go back into deep sleep. Some of these events may last only a few ms and could occur every few tens of ms. However, most of the time they will be far less frequent. Only every 15 mins do I want to wake the ESP, connect to WiFi and transmit data.
Martin Ayotte
Jun 01 2016 20:22
Someone on the Forum had issue with simple HTTP request done to, and I gave it a try and discovered the same strange issue. I believe that there is a potential bug in LWIP that cause that. the response is received with delay between packets of something like that and connection abort before the end. ( link to the forum post : )
Jun 01 2016 20:27
@igrr I had successfully used <gdb.h> library in linux platform but now I want to do this on windows. But I was unale to find xtensa-lx106-elf-gdb in my platformio packages so I downloaded it from intenet. Now whenI run this I get No Moule named site ?can you help me with this ?