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Jun 2016
Jun 25 2016 11:51
quick and stupid question: what ip will the esp have in AP mode?
Helio Machado
Jun 25 2016 12:10
Unless otherwise specified.
Jun 25 2016 12:26
got it, thanks!
Helio Machado
Jun 25 2016 12:31
@andig: You're welcome!
Jun 25 2016 13:54
with me sometimes AP IP is
Jun 25 2016 16:20
@hagai-shatz You think that an ESP8266 can handle the HomeKit HAP? It would be great I can see many uses, Have you found anyone interested in this?I for sure would be.
Hagai Shatz
Jun 25 2016 21:09
@ericklil , I would like to see HomeKit HAP on the ESP.
But I'm not sure it is possible, the nRF52 that provided good performance (Pairing in 3.7s, Verify in 0.26s) is a The ARM® Cortex®-M4 with FPU. Much more capable than the ESP. The ESP is more like the nRF51, an ARM® Cortex™ M0 that didn't perform well (Pairing in 40s, Verify in 1.2s). I'm guessing that what takes time is the encryption stuff that use big numbers math.
Another challenge is that you will never have open-source project with MFi license, this is all guesswork since the HomeKit documentation is not public.