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Jul 2016
Ivan Grokhotkov
Jul 23 2016 06:01
@holgerlembke regarding esp32 modules availability, it depends very much on the folks at Ai.Thinker and other module manufacturers.
Chips will start shipping to them on the first or the second week of August. I can imagine they will have a small volume of PCBs ready by that time. How much time they will need to validate the design and ramp up production? My guess would be within two weeks. So by end of August / beginning of September shipping them from ebay seems possible.
Small volumes may be available even before that, but i don't know if those will be available on ebay.
also, since i'm not involved with module production, my guesswork may be off
Clemens Kirchgatterer
Jul 23 2016 15:16
sometimes loop() is not called anymore, but non of the watchdogs kicks in nither. so the device is essentially dead until hard reset or power cycle. anybody else has this issue?
Clemens Kirchgatterer
Jul 23 2016 15:33
or OTA stops after a random number of blocks and nothing ever happens afterwards.
Holger Lembke
Jul 23 2016 17:51
there should be an interface to cppcheck....
Holger Lembke
Jul 23 2016 19:52
    cp = spiffs_cache_page_allocate(fs);
    if (cp) {
      cp->flags = SPIFFS_CACHE_FLAG_WRTHRU;
      cp->pix = SPIFFS_PADDR_TO_PAGE(fs, addr);
    s32_t res2 = SPIFFS_HAL_READ(fs,
        addr - SPIFFS_PADDR_TO_PAGE_OFFSET(fs, addr),
        spiffs_get_cache_page(fs, cache, cp->ix));
Either the condition 'cp' is redundant or there is possible null pointer dereference at cp->ix
Holger Lembke
Jul 23 2016 20:07
      s32_t score =
          deleted_pages_in_block * SPIFFS_GC_HEUR_W_DELET +
          used_pages_in_block * SPIFFS_GC_HEUR_W_USED +
          erase_age * (fs_crammed ? 0 : SPIFFS_GC_HEUR_W_ERASE_AGE);
And here cppcheck dislikes the signedint=unsigned*-1+....
Jul 23 2016 20:16
anyone here has experienced gdbstub
Holger Lembke
Jul 23 2016 20:17
cppcheck complains about some uninitilized vars, but as far as I see, they are all good. And lots of "Style" complains.. those don't look bad, too.
Things like
void String::remove(unsigned int index, unsigned int count) {
    if(index >= len) {
    if(count <= 0) {
where an unsigndint count is checked for less than equals zero.... :+1: