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Aug 2016
Aug 07 2016 04:31
hello everyone
can anyone tell me how to connect an ESP8266 12e to arduino uno
Akash Ashok
Aug 07 2016 07:18
@igrr @me-no-dev Hey Guys,
I remember you mentioned how to use open source lwip from arduino. Do you happen to know how to get lwip to get recompile from platformio ?
Marco Mengoli
Aug 07 2016 07:21
@manucatni it depends on what you have to do
Me No Dev
Aug 07 2016 09:34
@thehellmaker i dont think that pio runs the compile command but you can find the command in platform.txt and running it with make install will replace liblwip_gcc.a with the recompiled version
Germán Martín
Aug 07 2016 14:00
I'm trying to call ESP.restart(). Code is on my repo. This is what I get in debug serial:
state: 5 -> 0 (0)
rm 0
pm close 7
del if0
Disconnected for 0 seconds

 ets Jan  8 2013,rst cause:2, boot mode:(1,6)

 ets Jan  8 2013,rst cause:4, boot mode:(1,6)

wdt reset
But it stays there and does nothing until I make a hard reset.
Any clue?
Germán Martín
Aug 07 2016 14:23
I'm trying to do a web update too. Upload handler is on
I get an exception
Arg number: 2
Arg md5: d82f3799e158addb42072aaace06335f
MD5 set to d82f3799e158addb42072aaace06335f
Arg size: 360128
Update size: 360128
Update start: FSBrowser.ino.bin
Max free scketch space: 361120
New scketch size: 360128
MD5 set to d82f3799e158addb42072aaace06335f
Hash from client: d82f3799e158addb42072aaace06335f
sleep disable
[begin] roundedSize:       0x00058000 (360448)
[begin] updateEndAddress:  0x00300000 (3145728)
[begin] currentSketchSize: 0x00059000 (364544)
[begin] _startAddress:     0x002A8000 (2785280)
[begin] _currentAddress:   0x002A8000 (2785280)
[begin] _size:             0x00057EC0 (360128)

Panic C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\esp8266com\esp8266\cores\esp8266\core_esp8266_main.cpp:98 __yield

ctx: sys 
sp: 3ffffa90 end: 3fffffb0 offset: 01b0

3ffffc40:  00000000 02464c03 401021ae 00000100  
3ffffc50:  7fffffff 3ffebda4 3ffebda4 402170d5  
3ffffc60:  00000001 00007fff 00000002 4020c999  
3ffffc70:  3fff0df4 00000000 000005b4 4020ca53  
3ffffc80:  3fff64dc 0000015b 3fffc200 00000022
This is output fron Exception decoder:
2016-08-07 16_18_12-Exception Decoder.png
Thanks in advance
Ivan Grokhotkov
Aug 07 2016 14:50
@gmag11 re restart: you have probably tried to call ESP.restart after uploading code into the esp, without performing physical reset?
re crash: calling Updater function from AsyncWebServer will only work with a recent git version of the code. Which version of ESP8266 Arduino core do you use?
(@me-no-dev correct me if i'm wrong regarding Updater and AsyncWebServer above)
IIRC there was a commit some time ago which made Updater work from system context by disabling all yield calls
Me No Dev
Aug 07 2016 15:02
Germán Martín
Aug 07 2016 17:02
I'm using latest code from repo.
Germán Martín
Aug 07 2016 17:08
Any idea about why restart makes esp to not boot?
Martin Ayotte
Aug 07 2016 17:34
you can try to use ESP.reset() instead
Stavros Korokithakis
Aug 07 2016 18:02
has anyone used an A6 GSM module? :/ i have a breakout board, and i can get it to start up and print AT commands, but no matter what i send it, it doesn't respond
i am also confused as to what the pwr_key does
Germán Martín
Aug 07 2016 18:28
I got one. Tried it successfully some weeks ago. Now it is in the drawer waiting to be used in a project.
@igrr @me-no-dev Update.runAsync(true) works. Thank you
pwr_key is like on/off button. You have to activate it for more than 4 seconds
Germán Martín
Aug 07 2016 18:36
@skorokithakis Some links to read:
Stavros Korokithakis
Aug 07 2016 18:38
@gmag11 thank you, I didn't see the power button behavior anywhere in the docs. Is it okay if it's permanently closed? What if I want to make a PCB and just want the modem to be always on?
I'll read those links, thank you (although I've read a bunch of other stuff too
Germán Martín
Aug 07 2016 19:54
@igrr Regarding muy problem with restart, after changing OTA to async mode esp restarted fine. And I've tried many times. Could it be that an unfinished OTA makes esp not to boot when calling ESP.restart()?
Stavros Korokithakis
Aug 07 2016 20:18
@gmag11 if it's more convenient for you, you can use HTTP OTA. I made a server that will only update if there's newer firmware, very easy to use. Let me see what your problem was originally
I haven't used the async versions, I'm afraid
Here's the server, if you want to try:
Germán Martín
Aug 07 2016 20:35
@skorokithakis Looks very nice. Will try it. Where do you run it?
Stavros Korokithakis
Aug 07 2016 20:35
I have a home server and I run it there
I also use a build script, sec
Germán Martín
Aug 07 2016 20:37
Then, it could run on a raspberry pi.
Stavros Korokithakis
Aug 07 2016 20:41
Yes, for sure
That build script will also increment the version every time you build
So I do:./; cp project-3.bin myserver/
Or cp *.bin myserver/
Stavros Korokithakis
Aug 07 2016 21:19
bah, this A6 breakout does not want to receive my commands
it's as if its RX is broken
Germán Martín
Aug 07 2016 22:36
@skorokithakis Check if your terminal send CR+LF. I remember I had some problem with it.
Stavros Korokithakis
Aug 07 2016 23:10
@gmag11 ah! good idea, thank you
Stavros Korokithakis
Aug 07 2016 23:18
@gmag11 i used cutecom instead of picocom and it worked, thank you!