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Aug 2016
Clemens Kirchgatterer
Aug 12 2016 11:14
@mkeyno you run out of space in the .text segment. make sure to have F() and PSTR() around all your const strings.
Mehrdad K
Aug 12 2016 15:01
@sticilface I use Arduino IDE , @everslick thanks its works now , it seems Debug print use many const string
Russ Mathis
Aug 12 2016 15:21
Can anyone help with getting a and IPAddress from a String? Currently I'm trying
IPAddress ip; //Helper
IPAddress myIP = IPAddress(ip.fromString(json["ip"].asString()));
Where json["ip"] was defined as json["ip"] = old_IP.toString();
Stavros Korokithakis
Aug 12 2016 15:24
does anyone know where i can find platformio's defines like ARDUINO etc?
@ivankravets is there a page where i can see the various ifdefs?
Akash Ashok
Aug 12 2016 17:48
@igrr @me-no-dev Guys I think ive found more information on why the module stops responding to ARP
It looks like a problem with Wifi library. It loses connection adn tries to rejoin but fails miserably
Ivan Kravets
Aug 12 2016 18:03
Stavros Korokithakis
Aug 12 2016 18:07
@ivankravets thank you. It would be nice if it were documented somewhere more accessible
Me No Dev
Aug 12 2016 18:18
@thehellmaker i see beacon timeout as cause in the log you posted
That means that it's deeper than the wifi library :) i will look at it once i have the sources
Akash Ashok
Aug 12 2016 18:23
@me-no-dev Could you guide me here a little bit. I could either help fix this or help bring out more data which will help us debug. " i will look at it once i have the sources" What sources are you referring to ?
Akash Ashok
Aug 12 2016 18:35
asimple grep said its a part of libnet80211.a
I am guessing this source is not even a part of esp Arduino source
Me No Dev
Aug 12 2016 19:16
you are correct :) it’s in the closed source libs that I hope to get access to
Martin Ayotte
Aug 12 2016 19:22
@me-no-dev since you are now working for Espressif, that should not be a big issue :-)
Me No Dev
Aug 12 2016 19:59
hope not :)
Stavros Korokithakis
Aug 12 2016 21:30
hey guys
which library have you used for interfacing with the A6 GSM modem? it's frustrating me a lot :(