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Aug 2016
Martin Ayotte
Aug 30 2016 02:29
@mkeyno , I don't see any pitfalls if properly managed ...
Aug 30 2016 02:34
btw was unable to use virutal serial port with the ESP8266AVRISP, suggestions on which programmer to choose in the IDE? I believe i tried all of them.
On the bright side an extremely helpfull fella on #arduino figured out how to patch avrdude
Mehrdad K
Aug 30 2016 05:32
@martinayotte I doubt , I read some posts and it seems correct reading of capacitive sensor with ADC may took long around 1ms and if use mux to read 4 or more of them it may exceed of 3.2 software watchdog timer , I'm going to use TTP223 chip, which is very cheap and ready to use with digitalread function
Aditya Tannu
Aug 30 2016 14:51
Looks like they’re sending out complimentary ESP32s again.
Martin Ayotte
Aug 30 2016 14:55
Where did you heard about that ?
Aditya Tannu
Aug 30 2016 15:31
well i got offered one
not sure how/why, but I took it.
in either case, they should be available for sale soon
Martin Ayotte
Aug 30 2016 15:40
I've ask to become Beta last year, but they ran out of units. Do you got the offer thru email ? I didn't received such email ...
Michael Miller
Aug 30 2016 17:15
I would have loved to get one as I contributed to the project; but if they maintain the prices the 8266 goes for I will be happy.
Aug 30 2016 18:19
Aliexpress has esp32 on preorder at 4.55€
Aug 30 2016 18:23
Aug 30 2016 22:33
I ordered a few esp32 back in June but have not received them yet. I checked the Aliexpress site and the item is no longer available.