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Nov 2016
Clemens Kirchgatterer
Nov 03 2016 07:24
@anmaped not yet, as it is kinda interconnected to a lot of work i'm currently doing. but i will release it eventually.
Clemens Kirchgatterer
Nov 03 2016 07:29
@Makuna this is very frustrating i guess. the only thing that i can add to that is, that you could look at my logging implementation (on steroids) here:
if you want to try it, i think you can just take the log.h and log.cpp files without dependencies.
Rohit Yermalkar
Nov 03 2016 09:44

I am using arduinoWebSockets by Links2004

If my nodejs websockets server is shut down for some or any other reason. My ESP websockets client shows [WSc] Disconnected every 1 millisecond. This delays my other functions written in main loop() function.
What should be wrong ?

Faraz Ahmed
Nov 03 2016 16:54
LoadCertificate fails where as LoadCAcert is successful on the same file stream
any ideas