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Nov 2016
Nov 07 2016 17:26
@faraz117 I have released some examples of use with TLS v1.2 and AWS iot in
Mehrdad K
Nov 07 2016 19:27
@martinayotte may I have your idea about this issue #2665 , thanks
Martin Ayotte
Nov 07 2016 20:20
@mkeyno , Frankly, I don't know ! but looking at your excel dump, it looks like there is a pattern there : like every 7th line. So check your loops, not only in the writter, but on the reader too, because the problem is maybe there
Mehrdad K
Nov 07 2016 20:24
I did, and print it out what every write and read , but I might add for first or two file its work fine but for more or larger file malfunction appear, I thought maybe push too hard flash writing and somehow miss somethings
the problem is there is no much parameters could be changeable to check which parameters make problem
simple write and simple reading , I think may there is bug for large file writing , because its work for smaller ones