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Nov 2016
Germán Martín
Nov 11 2016 00:10
@kiralikbeyin No idea, sorry
Michael Miller
Nov 11 2016 04:19
@kiralikbeyin something that caught me was that a call is now required to set a property. Look at closed issues and you will find mine with the details.
Nov 11 2016 12:16
@Makuna thank you. I restored all my data to wednesday and seems ok. Additional info : Yesterday I tried to use udp and mdns libs together and everything including all sketches fucked.
Nov 11 2016 14:38
Hi Folks, I am using ESP-12E module as a server and Android based client apps are allowed to connect. The client number has max/upper limit of 5. Can it be increased, how should I approach this ?
Nov 11 2016 15:16
any thoughts???
Mehrdad K
Nov 11 2016 22:45
@Rahul-b62 if you intend to process more client request , I suggest use async server