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Nov 2016
Karl Palsson
Nov 16 2016 21:17
Is there any coding style document that I couldn't find?
there seems to be a bit of a mix of 4 spaces and 2 spaces for indents at least, if I'm working on code, should it nudged in one direction?
Nov 16 2016 21:33
does anyone know when we should expect a new release of the library?
Karl Palsson
Nov 16 2016 23:28
so, I'm using HTTPUpdateServer, and I've got progress callbacks added, and serial prints in the progress callbacks are fine, but for some reason I can't get my neopixelbus leds to blink during the updates. any ideas?
is some timer killed off by the update to prevent interactions?
Me No Dev
Nov 16 2016 23:35
@everslick nice!
will give it a go