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Nov 2016
Michael Miller
Nov 17 2016 00:14
@karlp I don't remember a style guide other than follow the style in the file you are editing. In general Arduino sketches (INOs) use two space indents and most everyone else uses a more standard 4 space indent. But the RULE is follow what is used in the file or library already.
Clemens Kirchgatterer
Nov 17 2016 07:09
@me-no-dev lined.cpp has support for tab completion and hints, but i did not bother to add the necessary callbacks yet.
Nov 17 2016 11:42
To stop AP broadcast?
Clemens Kirchgatterer
Nov 17 2016 14:59
wasn't there a PR to give the httpUpdater a progress callback? there should be an API to ask the user for confirmation before starting the update.
Nov 17 2016 15:30
Wrked well...wifi mode set to sta
Karl Palsson
Nov 17 2016 21:43
@Makuna probably worth a file or a note in the readme...
@everslick there was, I was just updating it (the http server one at least)
not sure what user you'd be asking for confirmation in that case at least?