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Nov 2016
Clemens Kirchgatterer
Nov 18 2016 07:45
@karlp usually, embedded systems poll the server for an update and if they find one, send a notification to the user, asking if they should do they updated (think routers or a NAS). so i have to go to the webinterface and press a button. currently httpUpdater just does the update and tells us afterwards if something went wrong or if it went through.
Nov 18 2016 17:44
is anyone working with EDB on SPIFFS ?
Nov 18 2016 18:07
oh, i find the bug: you need to add some delay() to avoid WDT reset
Karl Palsson
Nov 18 2016 21:53
@everslick ah, np, was thinking of the reverse, esp offers an interface for doing manual updates.
should look at self updating too, but then I've got to have the server ready, so I'll probably start with manual updates ;)