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Nov 2016
Holger Lembke
Nov 22 2016 12:35
so. verified. ide working with ArduinoOTA and my simple notifier.
Nov 22 2016 15:53
when will the next release be cut?
Shelby Merrick
Nov 22 2016 19:27
I'm having an issue which I think may be related to wifi link speeds and am looking at methods to troubleshoot it. I have 16 ESP's connected to a Nanostation LocoM2 and 3 of them that are giving me the same problem. When pinging the units, most come back with consistent pings. On 3 of them however, they will ping consistently for a few packets then begin inducing drastic delays every other packet. For example, 4ms, 5ms, 4ms, 1260ms, 10ms, 1600ms, 20ms, 1300ms, etc.... I was able to get consistent performance by lowering the max speed of my AP, however I'm looking for how to troubleshoot this and verify what may be going on with the ESP module itself. Is there a way to get retry info from lower in the stack or logging on what's going on at the link layer? I plan on sniffing it as well, but troubleshooting on the ESP would be ideal. Also, is there any way I can get the negotiated speed or set it wifi speeds manually?
And the problem doesn't follow the ESP modules or the boards they are on. It's random and can happen to different modules. In my last test, I just happened to notice 3 of them doing it.