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Nov 2016
Nov 26 2016 11:40

I have a question if I could use both the File System (SPIFFS) and EEPROM together. for example in the order as below

//creating file

// reading file, "r");; //reading at some location in 1024

or if I need to to EEPROM.begin(1024) again before reading ?

Nov 26 2016 11:46
@me-no-dev @igrr please help
Martin Ayotte
Nov 26 2016 13:21
@aneek231 , I don't see any reason why SPIFFS/EEPROM order should cause any issue.
Michael Miller
Nov 26 2016 16:24
Eeprom.begin should be called only once, usually only in the setup(). In general this is the normal Arduino Api model.