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Jan 2017
Victor Tseng
Jan 10 2017 01:00
google e04014
Jan 10 2017 01:04
I get some results for colour Hex :-s
But am I understanding this wrong? It's not 1M?
Victor Tseng
Jan 10 2017 01:19
i dunno...
read spi flash spec pdf
@ButchAnton please feel free to ask the RestClient problem
Aaron N.
Jan 10 2017 11:45
I am running into `.text' will not fi t in region `iram1_0_seg' issues when upgrading to the staging version in platformio.
I also get it in arduino with the latest git
is there anything specific to look at to get it in?
Can compile fine with platformio non staging
Victor Tseng
Jan 10 2017 11:46
need to modify the linker script if you're using
you can do a objdump to see what symbols goes where
Aaron N.
Jan 10 2017 11:47
By saying text area is bigger than it actually is
Victor Tseng
Jan 10 2017 11:47
but first you gotta modify ld script to make it link, anyway XD
Aaron N.
Jan 10 2017 11:47
how do i then do an objdump?
Victor Tseng
Jan 10 2017 11:48
well no if it says text is too big, then its too big.
thus will not fit
so it won't be "bigger than it actually is".
xtensa-lx106-objdump firmware.elf
man objdump to get a better idea
Aaron N.
Jan 10 2017 11:59
@Palatis could you quickly explain the differences in memory areas? I have a large library that appears to be going into .irom0.text. is there any way to move it somewhere else, so I can compile staging version?
Thanks for the objdump command :)
Jan 10 2017 16:50

I am running the Eclipse C++ IDE for Arduino 2.0 as development environment.
Until now no issues at all and working easy.

Starting to get OTA functionality into my applications.
Hitting an error when including the ESP8266mDNS library.

Down to the most basic sketch

#include <Arduino.h>
#include <ESP8266mDNS.h>
#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>

void setup() {


void loop() {


I get the error :

C:/Users/Herman/.arduinocdt/packages/esp8266/hardware/esp8266/2.3.0/libraries/ESP8266mDNS/ESP8266mDNS.cpp: In member function 'void MDNSResponder::enableArduino(uint16_t, bool)':
<command-line>:0:15: error: 'ESP8266_WEMOS_D1MINI' was not declared in this scope
C:/Users/Herman/.arduinocdt/packages/esp8266/hardware/esp8266/2.3.0/libraries/ESP8266mDNS/ESP8266mDNS.cpp:896:44: note: in expansion of macro 'ARDUINO_BOARD'
   addServiceTxt("arduino", "tcp", "board", ARDUINO_BOARD);

I indeed am using a wemos d1 mini, so the ESP8266_WEMOS_D1MINI looks correct.
Does anyone know where that is supposed to be defined ant to what value ?

BTW I am running latest git version. That is copied over the "2.3.0" directory
Michael Miller
Jan 10 2017 17:36
@hreintke That symbol might come from the build environment. From Arduino IDE this is set when you pick the Wemos D1 board. Does Eclipse have something similar?
Jan 10 2017 19:08

@Makuna :
Yes, eclipse has a simular way of working.
And it is switching boards too.
When I compile for a Nodemcu I get :

<command-line>:0:15: error: 'ESP8266_NODEMCU' was not declared in this scope

The ARDUINO_BOARD is set to ESP8266_WEMOS_D1MINI or ESP8266_NODEMCU depending on the board.
ARDUINO_BOARD is set to "generic" (including the quotes) in ESP8266mDNS.h when not set on build time.
addServiceTxt() needs a char*/String parameter

Jan 10 2017 19:20

Searching in build environment.
This is the compile statement.

    "C:/Users/Herman/.arduinocdt/packages/esp8266/tools/xtensa-lx106-elf-gcc/1.20.0-26-gb404fb9-2/bin/xtensa-lx106-elf-g++" -D__ets__ -DICACHE_FLASH -U__STRICT_ANSI__ "-IC:\Users\Herman\.arduinocdt\packages\esp8266\hardware\esp8266\2.3.0/tools/sdk/include" "-IC:\Users\Herman\.arduinocdt\packages\esp8266\hardware\esp8266\2.3.0/tools/sdk/lwip/include" "-IC:\Users\Herman\.arduinocdt\packages\esp8266\hardware\esp8266\2.3.0/tools/sdk/libc/xtensa-lx106-elf/include" "-I./core" -c -w -Os -g -mlongcalls -mtext-section-literals -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti -falign-functions=4 -std=c++11 -MMD -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections -DF_CPU=80000000L -DLWIP_OPEN_SRC   -DARDUINO=10608 -DARDUINO_ESP8266_WEMOS_D1MINI -DARDUINO_ARCH_ESP8266 -DARDUINO_BOARD="ESP8266_WEMOS_D1MINI"  -DESP8266 -I"C:/Users/Herman/.arduinocdt/packages/esp8266/hardware/esp8266/2.3.0/cores/esp8266" -I"C:/Users/Herman/.arduinocdt/packages/esp8266/hardware/esp8266/2.3.0/variants/d1_mini" -I"C:/Users/Herman/.arduinocdt/packages/esp8266/hardware/esp8266/2.3.0/libraries/ESP8266HTTPUpdateServer/src" -I"C:/Users/Herman/.arduinocdt/packages/esp8266/hardware/esp8266/2.3.0/libraries/ESP8266mDNS" -I"C:/Users/Herman/.arduinocdt/libraries/ESPAsyncWebServer/src" -I"C:/Users/Herman/.arduinocdt/packages/esp8266/hardware/esp8266/2.3.0/libraries/ESP8266WebServer/src" -I"C:/Users/Herman/.arduinocdt/packages/esp8266/hardware/esp8266/2.3.0/libraries/ESP8266WiFi/src" -I"C:/Users/Herman/.arduinocdt/libraries/ESPAsyncTCP/src" -I"C:/Users/Herman/.arduinocdt/packages/esp8266/hardware/esp8266/2.3.0/libraries/ArduinoOTA" -I"C:/Users/Herman/.arduinocdt/packages/esp8266/hardware/esp8266/2.3.0/libraries/Hash/src" "$<" -o "$@"

Should this set ARDUINO_BOARD including the quotes ?